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Areas of Continuing Education

A Question of Ethics

By attending this 4-hour course, students will be exposed to the core concepts of the definitions of ethics, examine ethical situations and resolutions, understanding competency and relating core values to the practice of insurance.

By reviewing moral standards, licensees will be given the tools to prevent harm to the public, understand whether an ethical dilemma exists and how to properly take care of things properly. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the differences between morals and ethics

  • Understand the importance of practicing ethically

  • Licensees responsibilities

  • Repercussions of bad ethical behavior


Realtors guide to the Insurance Galaxy

By attending this 4-hour course, students will be exposed to the different forms of insurance required when purchasing a dwelling. There are many types of homeowners’ policies to include different types of residences. The difference between a townhouse and a single-family resident may be obvious but the insurance policy varies greatly. This class will assist the insurance agent and real estate agent to the complex world of insuring a home.

Learning objectives:

  • Know the differences between property insurance policies

  • Understand the importance of stacking discounts

  • Become aware of the importance of proper coverage for home and auto

Auto: Most sold; Least Understood

 By attending this 4-hour course, students will be exposed to the make-up of the auto insurance contract and the specific areas that our customers seem to misunderstand.  We will look at state requirements and we will look at vehicle use concerns.  In this course we will cover:

Learning objectives:

Learning objectives

·       What are the origins of auto insurance, why does it exist?

·       Break down of the coverage

·       Mileage and use rating issues

·       Type of vehicle being insured

·       Coverage concerns (What exactly is "No Fault")

Flood: The final chapter

By attending this four-hour class students will complete the required federal flood insurance requirements. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires insurance producers, who wish to sell flood insurance. to receive mandatory flood insurance training.  This course will satisfy that requirement.  In this class we will look at all of the legislative issues relating to flood insurance coverage today. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand definitions and requirements for the flood insurance program

  • Become familiar with challenges faced by the insurance industry and the consumer in this rather volatile insurance arena. 

  • Understand which coverage can be secured to safe guard against flood concerns. 

  • Be exposed to flood zones and flood insurance rate mapping

  • Be taught overage for structure,  Coverage for contents. 

  • Examine private sector coverage and excess coverage.

Each of these courses has been approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for 4 hours of insurance continuing education.