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THE MN Insurance school

Turning People

into Professionals


A Better Way

Of any Minnesota insurance school you can choose from to obtain and maintain Minnesota insurance licensing, there is only one that goes beyond filling seats and issuing course completion certificates.

It’s called the Minnesota Insurance School.  If you think that professional education cannot have interesting instructors, relevant course work in a fun environment, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise.  Minnesota insurance license courses.

Because the MN Insurance School brings you:

  • The BEST Course Materials

  • The BEST Instructors in the Business

  • The BEST Customer Service

  • The BEST Education Experience




2626 East 82nd St.
Bloomington, MN 55430

(612) 889-7460

Benefits of MN Insurance School

Pass promise

You may return to The Insurance School and retake all or part of the courses as many as times as you like until you pass the exam. Good for up to one year from starting courses. NO CHARGE!

money back guarantee

Money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your experience, simply proceed to our front desk representative for a no-questions-asked refund before the class concludes.

The best price

You won’t find a better price for local, hands-on instruction. We offer no-fee rescheduling, all course materials are included at no extra charge, and coffee, tea, cocoa, pens, pencils are provided.

I had Carl as my instructor and to say the very least I was impressed by the school itself, him and the course. Carl kept you engaged, and he was hilarious! I will be going back, and I will find Carl and I love their school, clean, great space. They care about their students!
— Chandra W (Yelp review)
I would highly recommend this school - the teachers are amazing. They do a great job of keeping the courses fun and students engaged!
— Paige Duncanson
This school is SPECTACULAR!!! The instructors are ALL extremely knowledgeable, funny, and most importantly... thorough! We learned, we laughed, we made new friends, and I moved forward feeling incredibly prepared to not only pass tests, but to take on this new amazing career! I will never forget you guys! You’re the BEST... no the GREATEST!!!! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone
— Huong Nguyen